Ultra Light Backpacking – Travel With Less Than 16 Pounds (+Checklist)

The reason we recommend lightweight backpacking is simple: Your travel experience will simply be so much better. Naturally you would want to be prepared for every possible incident along your journey. This is why you see numerous backpackers with completely filled 70-liter backpacks on their backs and voluminous daypacks on their front, struggling to move to their next adventure.But why would you want to make your trip stressful and exhausting when you will be using many of the packed items once or never? This is a perfect example, where the so-called “Pareto Principle” can be put into use: It says that 20 per cent of inputs will yield 80 per cent of results while the other 80 per cent of inputs only yield 20 per cent of results. Since published this rule has been proven over and over and works with almost any (!!) example you can imagine. This principle is the way we approach packing and travel in general.Here are a few guidelines to start with, on how to make your adventure more worthwhile by traveling lightweight:Necessity: Ask yourself:Will I be using this item every day or will it be a necessary replacement to one such item? Is there a lighter version of the item available (consider even small things)? Isnt the item available at my destination of choice as well?If the items you intend to pack are still on your list after answering these questions, put them in your backpack and leave everything else at home.Checklist: Using a Checklist for packing your backpack will be of help to you when preparing for your adventure. Should there be any items that you want to include, be very critical with yourself. You will be relieved when you are running for the bus in Bangalore or boarding the metro in Kiev – Trust us on this one!$50 Extra: To make your decision to pack little even easier we strongly recommend budgeting an extra $50 for your trip, which will go towards investments you need to make during your journey. It will certainly be worth your while. Just think about how much more fun it is when you have freed yourself from 6-8 pounds every day you are on the move.The key to successful ultralight packing is that by using these methods, you will get yourself in the right mood for packing super efficiently. You will be leaving stuff behind that you still consider useful but staying “strong” at this point will result in a huge improvement of your whole trip in general. You will get a good giggle when seeing “overloaded” backpackers during your trip – guaranteed.